Philanthropy is universal and is an inherent part of human existence. When the need is tremendous, the outreach needs to be equal or greater. Your tax-deductible donation to Destination: Hope will go directly to help a patient in need. All our work is volunteer-based with little to no administrative costs. This means the money is spent directly towards patient care and patient education. Any amount can make a difference. A generous donation of $250 is often enough to cover the cost of one cleft lip surgery for one patient in most countries.

The funds that we raise are also used to educate the people in that region. This may take the form of educating locals about burn prevention, improving safety in the work place, and the importance of drinking clean water. Often we are asked to educate local surgeons on new advanced techniques in surgery to help patients in their own communities.

Your donation WILL transform a life: it has the power to transform whole communities, an entire region, and even affect an economy.

Thank you,

The Destination: Hope Team Members