About Us


Our organization is founded on the principle that every child deserves to have freedom from the suffering of visible facial birth defects and from other deformities. Principally striving to treat cleft lip and palate patients, our teams travel the world to communities in need to reconstruct facial deformities as well as provide corrective surgery for burn victims and other issues. We believe strongly that deformities prevent community members from participating fully in their own societies and in their own lives.

Destination: Hope is a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization.  Please take a look at the links above to understand the work that we provide, and if you’re inspired to help please do consider contributing to our cause.

Our Mission – Destination: Hope strives to perform 1 to 2 medical missions per year, each lasting approximately one week, in which we will perform anywhere between 20 to 60 reconstructive surgical procedures. We focus primarily on reconstructing facial birth defects, but will also help in any way we can to meet the reconstructive surgery needs of the local community.

Our team – A medical mission requires a number of specialized individuals in order to provide the same level of safety and security that we are accustomed to under operating conditions in the United States . Anywhere from one to three board-certified plastic surgeons may accompany the mission, along with two anesthesiologists two operating room nurses, two recovery room nurses, a local mission coordinator, and other organizational mission personnel to keep things running smoothly.